Grant Services Make The Difference Securing Mission Critical Funding

Is your organization considering grants as a potential funding source to aid in fulfilling your mission? Grants can offer organizations a powerful means to grow, build capacity and achieve mission related goals. Having the right partners can make all the difference both in terms of securing funds and ensuring your organization is able to meet grant maker compliance requirements.

Symphony Advancement offers decades of experience working across all aspects of the grant life cycle. Our expert teams have aided in grant proposal review on behalf of government agencies, fought to ensure equal access to funding, and worked to secure millions on behalf of the client agencies we serve.

When it comes to selecting an agency to represent you, you want an advocate who will fight to ensure your organization has the best possible chance of securing funds. Our consultants understand winning grant awards is more than preparing an application which meets scoring criteria and formatting guidelines. Experience in scoring grants and working with government agencies gives us unique insight into the program requirements government agencies want grantees to meet. We will not only prepare the best application possible for your organization, we’ll also advise you if we believe a grant is not a good fit for your mission.

From identifying and preparing your grant applications to online submission, compliance and day-to-day management Symphony’s team of advisors are well qualified to assist your organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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