iChoose Foundation Launches Announcing Mission to Inspire Youth

(Tampa, FL) Michael Campo, award winning documentary film producer and director, announced today the launch of the iChoose Foundation.  The foundations mission will be to empower individuals one choice at a time.  Michael’s nearly fifteen years of documentary film experience lead him to begin hosting a series of conversations with remarkable and inspiring individuals he’s met over the years.  The iChoose series which includes Facebook live and instagram broadcasts quickly became an internet hit gaining a cult following across the country.

“I started getting emails and notes from folks all over the country saying ‘hey, I heard that broadcast and I wanted to let you know it really helped me’ so I started thinking how could I organize this to become more effective”, said Campo, “that’s basically how the foundation started.”

Campo says the foundation will continue its live weekly social media broadcasts but also plans to release periodic short films adding depth to the stories of particularly powerful speakers.  The first film #iChooseHOPE is available online.  Michael says he’s got a long list of celebrities and individuals from all around the world ready to share their stories.  He hopes the foundation will be able to collaborate with local and regional non-profits, sharing inspirational stories that can benefit local charities.

Learn more about iChoose by visiting the foundation website here.

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