iChoose Foundation Hoping to Change Lives One Decision At A Time

(Tampa, FL) Award winning film maker Michael Campo announced the iChoose Foundation is currently seeking support for a new project #iChooseHOPE designed to help combat teen substance abuse.  “The iChoose HOPE project is focused on the story of Eddie, how he’s struggled with addiction, his advice to others and ultimately how day by day he’s making progress – one choice at a time,” says Campo, “I wanted people to remember that no matter how bad it seems or how dark, alone or isolated you feel, you can change your life.  It starts with one decision.”

Campo’s iChoose Foundation has been quick to gain support from a variety of national partners including: The Florida Symphony Orchestra, Green Bay Packers organization, the Tampa Bay Rays and others.

The foundation produces high quality resources for teens and individuals struggling with a variety of issues ranging from addiction and substance abuse to human trafficking.  With an extensive social media presence, the iChoose Foundation is able to reach people and offer help around the country.

Campo estimates the cost of each project near $30,000.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can support the iChoose Foundation please visit their website.  Also be sure to check out the weekly broadcast sharing inspirational stories of individuals making positive life choices.

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