Case Studies

Catholic School Grows to Become Largest in the Nation

Success rate = 100%
Total fees paid = $15,000
Total funds awarded = $2,500,000
Return on investment = 1,667%

In 2010 a parish based Catholic school serving predominantly low-income youth (97% qualified for free and reduced lunch) contacted Symphony to assist with securing resources necessary to provide a high quality education.

In two years:

4 funding sources were identified
4 grant requests were prepared
A total of over $2.5 million dollars were awarded by all four sources. 


New Dinning Concept An Amazing Success


When  an entrepreneurial mother decided there was a need for healthy home cooked meals, she couldn’t imagine the trend she was about to tap into. 

Katy’s Cooking Tonight, a personal chef service, exploded onto the local scene with new client orders flooding in right from the start. 

Symphony helped Katy plan, price and launch her business concept.  In less than a year the business grew so quickly Katy returned for help hiring new staff.

Urban Catholic School revitalized

Total fees paid = $72,000
Total funds awarded = $2,870,000
Return on investment = 3980%

In 2010 an urban Catholic school with a need for $2.5 million in funding to sustain their mission contacted Symphony.  Our team helped rebuild the entire Advancement Department, recruited new staff, outlined an annual campaign and identified key grant resources.

After one year: 

-More than 65 donors, private foundations and grant sources provided funding
-The annual appeal increased by 18%
-The annual golf event doubled net income to over $33,000

Youth Athletic Organization Becomes Largest in the region

Three years ago frustrated parents and coaches turned to Symphony seeking help for their youth athletic organization.  Budget cut-backs and local government shortfalls resulted in a reduction of sports options for youth in the area. 

With help from Symphony the parents created a tax-exempt non-profit, secured corporate sponsorships and launched what would become the areas largest youth athletic group.  Today, over 1500 parents, youth and family members participate in over forty team sports. Symphony’s continuing fundraising support, event management and web design services have raised tens of thousands of dollars and helped attract new players from across the region.

Dioceses implements Special Education resource for all Catholic Schools

Total fees paid = $15,000
Total funds awarded = $500,000
Return on investment = 334%

Very Rev. John Belmonte, S.J., Ph.D. has committed his life to strengthening Catholic education around the country.  As an NCEA board member and Superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Joliet, Fr. Belmonte understands the particular challenges facing children with special needs attending Catholic schools. In 2012 Fr. Belmonte contacted Symphony to assist with a Diocesan wide plan to educate and support parents of children with special needs.  This $500,000 initiative aided over 50 schools and provided support services to thousands.  Symphony was instrumental in program design, funding procurement, staffing and evaluation of the program.